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The predecessor of the School of Law and Economics (hereinafter referred to as the School) is the research center for law and economics. The Law and Economics Research Center was established in March 2005 and was renamed the School of Law and Economics in July 2016. The School of Law and Economics is directly affiliated with the China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL) as a teaching and research institution.

The science of law at first-level discipline in CUPL is a national key discipline. With approval of the Ministry of Education, in CUPL, law and economics as a second-level discipline of law was the first law discipline at second level that established in China and the first one to confer master's degree and doctoral degree in law as well. In January 2008, the discipline of law and economics was rated as a key interdisciplinary discipline in Beijing and through its acceptance, "Law and Economics" was evaluated as "excellent" in January 2014.

The purpose of the School is to apply theory and method of economics to analysis and evaluation of China's legal system and legal issues, and to provide suggestions for improving China's legal system and resolving legal issues. The School currently has four research directions: Economic Analysis of Law, Law and Economy in Transition, Law and Financial Supervision, Economic Openness and Risk Research.

The School has set up a series of courses in law and economics and has publishedseveral research results both at home and aboard. The School hopes to promote the development of law and economics in China through teaching and academic research so as to make helpful contributions to China’s rule of law.