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School Office December 10, 2020

On December 7 and 8, 2020, the dissertation proposal defense meeting of doctoral and master’s students of grade 2019 is held by the School of Law and Economics held on the Xueyuan Lu Campus. The members of doctoral dissertation defense tutor group include Professor Qi Yanping, Professor Liu Fei, and Professor Xi Tao, with Professor Qi being the group leader. The master's dissertation defense is divided into two groups. Group one includes Professor Xi Tao, Associate Professor Xu Wenming and Assistant Professor Li Wenjing, with Professor Xi being the group leader; group two include Professor Zhang Qing, Associate Professor Gui Binwei and Assistant Professor Xu Shudan, with Professor Zhang being the group leader. Some other doctoral and master’s students attend the meeting.

Doctoral student Guo Zepeng's dissertation focus on the legal supervision of financial holding companies. At the defense meeting, he reports the background and significance of the topic, the innovations, and the main content of the dissertation. The tutor group put forward suggestions on the topic, structural, research methods, theory and practical significance of the dissertation.

The topics of the master's dissertations include the frontier and hot topics of law and economics, such as the "materiality" standard of information disclosure, the issue of central bank digital currencies, and the "dua- rating" system of credit asset securitization. Fifteen students report the research methods, logical structure, framework, innovations and shortcomings of their dissertations. The tutor group provides guidance on the argumentation, structure, literature citation, framework, and academic norms that appeared in these dissertations.

This dissertation proposal defense meeting not only allows the students to further clarify their research direction, and strengthen their confidence in completing the dissertations excellently, but also provides inspiration and reference for the students in attendance to write their dissertations in the future.

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