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Since its establishment, the school has published a total of more than 10 academic monographs and over 10 translations, textbooks, or collections of papers (including 4 collections in English).The school has published nearly 300 academic papers. Among them, there are more than 200 papers that published in authoritative and core journals(with more than 40 academic papers in English)which takes up almost 70% of the total published articles.

新书速递 |《转型法律学——市场经济的法律解释》(增订版)

Main Books:

Tao Xi,Researchon Economic Stability and Financial Stability,CUPL Press, 2016

Tao Xi,Regulatory Impact Analysis on OECD Countries,CUPL Press, 2015

Tao Xi,Law and Economics: Facing China's Law and Economic Problems,CUPL Press, 2013

Tao Xi,Legislative Evaluation: What to evaluate and how to evaluate,CUPL Press, 2012

Tao Xi,Regulation in American, China Social Science Press, 2006

Shuguang Li,Transformational Jurisprudence - Legal Interpretation of Market Economy,The Commercial Press, 2021

Shuguang Li,Economic Law,CUPL Press, 2013

Shuguang Li,Explanation of SOE assets Law,Law Press China, 2012

Shuguang Li,Law in Transition,CUPL Press, 2004

Qing Zhang,Administrative Licensing: Law and Economics,Peking University Press, 2013

Guangdong Xu,Market Integration: The EU Experience and Implications for Regulatory Reform in China,Springer,2015

Guangdong Xu,Does Law Matter for Economic Growth? A Re-examination of the ' Legal Origin' Hypothesis,Intersentia, 2014

Guangdong Xu,Law and Finance: The Role of Law and Regulations in Sustaining Financial Markets,Taylor & Francis,2014

Guangdong Xu,Economics and Regulation in China,Taylor & Francis,2013

Bingwei Gui, Currency, credit and economic stability CUPL Press, 2014

Wenming Xu,Regulatory Reform in China and the EU: A Law and Economics Perspective,Edward Elgar,2017